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Custom HIPAA Compliant Patient Portals & Software

HIPAA Compliance Services Dallas TX

We can help you keep your patients’ personal health information (PHI) secure with custom HIPAA security compliance software, hardware, and employee training. We help healthcare organizations like clinics, private practices, dental clinics, chiropractors, and other small businesses maintain HIPAA compliance. Contact Technology Crossing IT Solutions today for a free consultation. We are a Dallas, Texas based company serving customers customers in Fort Worth, Houston, and Florida.  


HIPAA & PHI Questions Answered

A HIPAA Business Associate Agreement, aka BAA is a business associate agreement that all healthcare related businesses must have with partners and associates to maintain HIPAA compliance. A BAA is any partner or entity either treating patients or carrying out other services for the parent entity that has access to personally identifiable patient health data. A HIPPA compliant BAA allows the partner provider access to the secure patient information so they can perform necessary medical treatment or preventive care. However, the agreement between the parties means the partner with access to the privileged information must also maintain HIPAA compliant network security, applications, websites, and data storage processes.

Dentists, doctors, medical clinics, hospitals, chiropractors, psychologists, private practices, nursing homes, memory care facilities, and all other healthcare related establishments in the United States are required to meet minimum HIPAA guidelines. This set of patient data protection rules set forth by The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) were created to prevent sensitive patient data in an ever increasing digital world. Healthcare industry businesses must ensure network security, software security, secure data storage, and data process protection.

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